Carnival: Stop Sinking Our Climate

Cruise ships and the shipping industry are one of the fastest growing sources of climate pollution on the planet.

Carnival Cruises has increased its climate pollution nearly 20% in the last decade. Globally, the shipping industry is on track to become a leading climate polluter if it doesn’t change its ways. Let Carnival know that polluting the climate is not acceptable - send a letter to their CEO today!

Tell Carnival CEO to stop sinking the climate!

To:  Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald

Dear Mr. Donald,

Carnival is the world’s largest  cruise company -- but one that is failing to protect our climate. Carnival’s nearly 20% increase in total climate pollution over the last decade is taking a toll on our environment and shows a failure to set your company on a path of true climate protection.

While Carnival publicizes its environmental initiatives and values, as CEO you have made no commitment nor adopted any plan to reduce your company’s total climate pollution. The initial measure you have taken to increase fuel efficiency is a good first step. However, unless Carnival’s actions result in a total reduction in climate pollution, they will fall short. We can’t accept that, and neither should you.

That’s why I’m supporting’s campaign calling on Carnival to end its climate pollution. It’s time for Carnival to lead the way! So I am urging you to:

  1. Commit to rapidly reducing Carnival’s total climate pollution to meet or beat the Paris Agreement’s climate targets. Avoiding dangerous climate change requires total reductions in climate pollution. 
  2. Eliminate black carbon pollution that greatly accelerates snow and ice melt.
  3. Reduce ozone and nitrogen oxide air pollution on all ships by installing catalytic reduction systems.
  4. Switch to low-sulfur diesel fuel, and immediately end all heavy fuel oil use in Alaska and Arctic routes to avoid black carbon pollution.

In port, switch to shore power supplied by clean energy sources to reduce pollution that directly impacts the health of port communities. Where shore power supplied by clean energy is not available, cruise lines can be leaders in protecting the health of passengers and communities by demanding clean power in the ports in which they operate. Carnival can move the cruise industry to embrace climate protection. Only through leadership by companies like yours can we stop climate change and protect the many natural environments it threatens.

The places we all love depend on it!