Together, We Are Unstoppable

Donald Trump's presidency brings with it very real fears about what he will do to impose the hateful, divisive policies he campaigned on. 

We must prepare ourselves to do everything we can to fight back. Whether it’s racial justice, climate change, women’s rights, religious freedom, or countless other causes that people like you fight for every day, we can’t wait for Trump to turn our worst fears about his presidency into a reality. We must protect the progress we have made and continue to fight the battles we are yet to win. 

At, we're working hard to oppose the administration’s climate-denying and unjust policies with local and state organizing. We’re strengthening our nationwide network to block new fossil fuel projects, supporting locally-based climate legislation, and standing up for justice across movements online and in the streets with many other groups and organizations. Trump and his administration will not determine our future -- we will. will work for as long as it takes to make change -- because, together, we are unstoppable. And, we couldn't do it without you. Join us and the United Resistance.

United Resistance