What We Do

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Since 1999, we’ve convinced US companies to shift more than one billion dollars in purchasing to more responsible sources, secured protection for sixty-five million acres of forests, and convinced more than one-hundred corporations to create policies that protect forests and/or our climate.  

Learn more about our successes with 3M, Staples and Victoria’s Secret protecting critical forests, and our impact stopping outdated fossil fuel projects.

How do we do it? By being relentlessly focused on selecting the best strategy to achieve our goals and then applying our decades of experience to turn those strategies into results.

What does that mean? From grassroots organizing to corporate campaigning, to litigating to media relations, our team has years of experience with - in some cases pioneering -  some of the most powerful tools available to make change. With all that experience, we’re extremely disciplined in selecting the best tools for each campaign, applying them smartly and adapting in real time to changes in the world around us. Because even though a stable climate and healthy forests are simple requirements for life, arriving at solutions to protect them is not. 

Here are a few of our tools: 

We harness corporate power
Sometimes companies want to do better, but they need guidance in getting there. Sometimes companies aren’t taking responsibility for their environmental and social impacts and need to hear, occasionally loudly, that their customers and society are holding them accountable.

We challenge and hold accountable the companies that are acting irresponsibly when it comes to their impact on communities and the environment
We do that by communicating directly with the companies, their executives, boards, staff, and customers through demonstrations, advertisements, social media campaigns, and high visibility events. We’re tenacious and we’re hard on the issues, but not on the people. We have found champions inside every company we’ve ever challenged.

We work with companies that want to do better
Some of our proudest achievements are the quiet untold stories of supporting a company behind the scenes to make changes that transform their environmental impact, or that of their whole sector.
We collaborate
It turns out that a lot of people rely on a healthy climate and environment. In fact, we’ve yet to find a person or animal who doesn’t. Some voices are loud; others are soft. Some viewpoints clash; others harmonize. The kind of change that’s needed means people with decision-making power need to shift points of view. We are not afraid to disagree and stay at the table with even our most ardent opponents to find solutions because our experience has proven that this is what transformative systemic change requires. No, it’s not easy, or even comfortable. But it’s critical.

We build networks
Who would have thought that keeping our planet healthy would be so complicated, or controversial? Tackling multifaceted problems requires all kinds of expertise from people on the frontlines of the issues: scientists, activists, media specialists, lawyers, and policy wonks. While we have an abundance of in-house experience, we also have a robust network of collaborators. This gives us depth and versatility to respond to a variety of challenges and issues.

We join our voices together
Sometimes the issues facing communities and our environment require action from government leaders, like new regulations or safety standards. Sometimes, it’s from a company that is threatening the wellbeing of people, our environment, and our climate. Either way, one of the most powerful tools out there is the power of people uniting to demand accountability. Whether we’re educating citizens about issues or learning from communities about issues they face, our goal is always to create tools to harness the power of a collective demand for change and deliver that message to the decision makers who can make it happen.

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